Saturday, July 29, 2006

'Breakout Performance' Weblog Launch

Welcome to the 'Breakout Performance' weblog launch. This is intended to be a forum to allow for those with an interest in how leadership, strategy, and process drive exceptional organizational performance to share thoughts and ideas.

I have studied and consulted about this area for over a decade. For the academics out there, I studied at the Columbia Business School's Department of Management under Don Hambrick. My doctoral dissertation studied the link between pre-IPO firms' officers' and directors' backgrounds and IPO and post-IPO performance.

My consulting firm, Jackson Leadership Systems, Inc., has worked with with organizations on helping their leadership, strategy, and process drive 'breakthrough performance' since 1989. Recently, we collaborated with Sydney Finkelstien, Dartmouth Tuck School of Business Professor of Management, on 2 new practice areas which address this topic: Driving Breakout Performance and SMART Early-Warning System.

I look forward to chatting with you over the coming months and sharing more info.



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