Friday, August 11, 2006

Why Smart Executives Fail. The Video Version. Live from Hanover, NH.

I visited Hanover, NH, earlier this week where Syd Finkelstein was finishing up the 3-week Tuck Executive Program. A deep dive into all the critical aspects of executive leadership that any hi-po leader should be aware of. What an idyllic town -- and a great place to be to recharge the batteries and get a different perspective of leadership and business.

Syd and I have been working together for the last 2 years on commercializing the ideas that led to his Amazon #1 Best-Seller "Why Smart Executives Fail" based on 6 years of research. This has led to 2 diagnostics: The Breakout Performance Index for management teams and executives who want to better understand what they need to do to drive sustainable, predictable growth in their business and the SMART Early-Warning System for boards, VCs, Private Equity firms, and others going through M&A integration to understand the areas of risk within their business and correcting for them. We've also developed several follow-on consulting services based on the results of the diagnostics.

For anyone interested in taking a trip back to B-School or college, visit this link for a video lecture of Syd Finkelstein speaking at Dartmouth last fall on the topic of "Why Smart Executives Fail." Great stories from the book and highly entertaining.

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