Friday, August 24, 2007

Why Has Motorola Never Tried to Hire Away Nokia Talent?

This morning, I spoke with someone whose firm is one of the largest holders of Motorola shares in the world.

Of course, we were discussing the points of our group's "Plan B" and the fact that the Motorola's non-executive directors had refused to meet with our group to discuss the plan -- "a bad sign," according to this person.

The person also raised a very good question, which is worth considering:

"With Nokia doing so well compared to Motorola, I've always wondered why they haven't tried more aggressively to hire talent away from Nokia? In the areas of platform strategy, marketing, and supply chain, it seems like Motorola really could really benefit from some expertise and why not take it away from your top competitor?"

Good question. Maybe Motorola will choose to address this at their Financial Analyst Meeting on September 7th. We'll be watching.

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Anonymous said...

I am former employee and as many others know the answer.
They do not hire talent from Nokia or use internal talent because current management upper and mid are only focused in keeping their position even knowing that are not suit for their current positions.
Whatever talented executive from Nokia the first hired has to be given a big brush to sweep the current management.