Monday, September 17, 2007

CNET: Motorola Z8 just not worth the hype

From today's CNET. Another disappointing new product review.

Posted by Ronn Owens
September 17, 2007 7:59 AM PDT

After the incredible Motorola Z6 and the very good Motorola Z3, I must admit I wanted the Motorola Rizr Z8 more than any upcoming phone. But, wow - be careful what you wish for.

True, I may have set the bar too high. But this phone doesn't do it at all. The best feature is its ability to curve, making holding the phone and talking more comfortable. It is arguably the easiest to answer and most comfortable to use on a call.

But as for everything else, forget it. The camera is just OK. Navigation is confusing. Music fairly good. Video fine, but can't touch the iPhone's definition. Texting? Keys are so solid that the over/under on carpal tunnel is thirty minutes.

Bottom line, nope. Too much to pay for a cool hinge. To quote the great philosopher Amy Winehouse, "I say no, no, no."

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