Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Mark Cuban Is Wrong: Facebook's Ebersman, Zuckberg and Thiel Were Short-Sighted

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Andrew Ross Sorkin set off a firestorm in the tech blogosphere/echo chamber earlier this week with his New York Times' DealBook column asserting that Facebook(FB_) CFO, David Ebersman, was most responsible for Facebook's debacle of an IPO three months ago.

Well, the Facebook apologists have got their backs up on that one.

This creative Tumblr post took Sorkin's words and edited them to portray how brilliant Ebersman was.
Many folks on Twitter (and at TheStreet) said Ebersman was "not solely" to blame.
Others reminded us of the technical glitches of Nasdaqand how that caused the whole stock to get off on the wrong foot with investors "which cannot be quantified."
Then, Mark Cuban weighed in via WSJ's Marketbeat blog.
To blame Ebersman, Cuban says, is "180 degrees wrong."

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