Tuesday, March 25, 2008

CorpGov.Net: Shareowner Activist Promotion

From the March 2008 CorpGov.net:

Eric Jackson, the consummate "new media" shareowner activist, is interviewed in Eric Jackson: shareholder activist talks up social media. (bloggingstocks.com, 03/19/2008) His new fund, Ironfire Capital LLC, was new to me. He explains that "the quality of ideas matter more to other shareholders than the quantity of shares owned." .Hard costs for his "Plan B" for Yahoo! were a $30 webcam and a couple of JetBlue tickets to California. He is critical of a "color by numbers" approach. "No matter the company, their solution is: (a) put the company up for sale, (b) do a dividend to shareholders, or (c) do a stock buyback."

"The best activists -- and the ones who will do well in this environment and moving forward -- will come up with recommendations that suit the situation and obviously promise to deliver value." His next target is GeoEye Inc. More on that move at his blog. I wonder, would other activists like Andrew Shapiro, Richard Breedon, Carl Icahn, or even Warren Buffet do better if they honed their YouTube and wiki skills?

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