Friday, April 04, 2008

Communicating with GeoEye

This morning, I had the opportunity to speak with GeoEye management for about an hour about my previously expressed points as a shareholder about what could and should be done to increase shareholder value.

I do not want to disclose the contents of the conversation, but I was pleased with their willingness to talk and their openness to the ideas put forward.

Actions speak louder than words, of course. Shareholders will only be happy when the price starts to go up again, but I am confident they will implement some of the ideas we discussed.

I will be watching, but I was heartened by the conversation and am glad the 10K is now out and we can look forward to continued strong performance in the coming months.

This is a dominant company in a fast-growing industry that will only be more important to commercial and government customers in the years to come.

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