Thursday, December 14, 2006

Wiki Org Charts

Who's on first at Yahoo! after the reorg? Who reports to Sergey Brin at Google? How many direct reports does Steve Ballmer has? All this and more is revealed at Cogmap - a Wiki Org Chart service.

Brent Halliburton from Cogmap contacted me earlier this week to share their most up-to-date version of Yahoo!'s org chart post-reorg. It's located here. The more people who visit and update it, the more accurate and useful the information becomes. When there's little info, it's not so useful (such as the current Fox Entertainment Group chart).

Most interesting things about Yahoo!'s chart? Brad Garlinghouse is still floating in Audience Group under Jeff Weiner. And the 2 founders are off to the side under Terry - no direct reports; a contrast from the 2 founders at Google.

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