Monday, March 19, 2007

How to Pledge Your Yahoo! Shares to "Plan B"

Our "Plan B" to force change at Yahoo! has resulted in almost 2 million shares pledged in support (or $58 million worth of Yahoo! stock) -- or about 0.15% of the Yahoo! shares outstanding.

We've also received "expressions of interest" from several large institutional shareholders and pension funds in the last few weeks, asking to learn more about "Plan B" and potentially interested in learning more.

We've requested time to present our case to ISS and Glass Lewis in the coming weeks, so that they are fully briefed on the content of "Plan B" and why we're recommending "withhold" votest for 7 of 10 Yahoo! directors, as well as why I've nominated myself to the board.

Many people have also asked me how they can get involved in "pledging" their shares to support our effort. Up until now, I've had to simply ask them to leave a comment on our blog or send me a private email. We are greatly simplifying the process of people pledging shares and tracking our numbers thanks to a new partner:

The team at YouChoose has helped build a special site for our campaign where you can quickly and easily leave your share information. We've also created forums for discussion of issues relevant to forcing positive change at Yahoo! All of this will help us continue to build our grassroots efforts, as you can easily refer others to this Campaign on YouChoose to pledge their support. We can all go there as well to post comments in the Yahoo” ‘Plan B’ Group Forum, view updated news related to this Campaign and track our results.

As part of establishing this Campaign on YouChoose, I encourage you to visit the Pledge Campaign site and record your pledge of shares formally. Then, please invite others to support us.

Thank you again for your support of a "Plan B" for Yahoo! Together, we can make a difference and help this great company.

Please let me know if you have any questions.



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