Friday, May 25, 2007

Don't Give Yahoo! Another Blank Check

June 12th is fast approaching. That's the date for the Yahoo! Annual Meeting in Santa Clara.

If you're a Yahoo! Shareholder, you've likely already received your company proxy. You're also likely disappointed by Yahoo!'s performance relative to Google over the last 3 years. Google's shareholders have seen their holdings rise 333%. Yahoo!'s shareholders have seen their holdings drop 8%.

If you support a "Plan B" for Yahoo! and simply are not willing to sign a blank check to the current board and management for the coming year, we recommend you use your shareholder rights at the Annual Meeting and vote "AGAINST:"

  • Terry Semel
  • Robert Kotick
  • Roy Bostock
  • Ron Burkle
  • Eric Hippeau
  • Arthur Kern
  • Gary Wilson

If any of these men receives less than a majority vote, he will need to immediately leave the board.

It's time for a change. It's time for a "Plan B" for Yahoo!

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media concepts said...

Good use of the Internet! I read about this via an AP article received, ironically, on my MyYahoo! page. I am a dissatisfied shareholder, and have voted accordingly.

Eric Jackson said...

Thanks so much.