Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Message To Motorola Employees Interested in Supporting "Plan B" Campaign

Several people have asked me in the last day: if they are currently Motorola employees and don't want to register to pledge their shares on our YouChoose.Net partner site, is there another way to take part in the campaign?

I suggest that you contact me directly via email at emj at jacksonleadership dot com. I can then get back to you and get all your info via email or phone.

It's been a great first day of the Motorola "Plan B" campaign. We have 24 pledges of 53,285 MOT shares, worth just under $1 million. In the first 24 hours after I launched the Yahoo! "Plan B" campaign, we had 4 pledges of a few hundred shares. We ended up the Yahoo! campaign with 100 pledgers, so we are one-quarter of the way to matching that after one day.

Thanks everyone for your support. We've had some wonderful and insightful comments too.

Looking forward to continuing to stay in touch with you. In the meantime, keep spreading the word of the campaign. The larger our group, the better our ideas will be, and the louder our voice.

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Anonymous said...

Hi again Eric!

Just wanted to let you know that I wrote a little article about your efforts this morning and posted it to my blog. Hope it helps a little.

gerhard said...

Hi, as employee I found against the Motorola ethics the campaign against Ichan, with several mails trying to keep the vote of employees with shares aligned with a very bad leader (Ed).

As employee I have to be loyal to the company, but as shareholder to be loyal with the company is voting the best for it (and my money).

I can not be considered a bad employee because I support Icahn who bought a big stake with his money no "for free" as the board and Ed.

With the internal campaign against Icahn I consider Motorola has violated the employees rights.

New blood is needed to boost the company again.

Anonymous said...

I am a Motorola Supplier.. In the last 3 yrs, Motorola dones not care about quality. All they want cheap and cheaper sub assemblies and parts. The poeple who are leading the supply chain does not even understand what is good quality and bad quality. The control tower as they call it makes all the decisions on who to buy and when a problem arises they PUSH IT TO THE EMS VENDORS OR THIER OWN PLANTS. All the time they threaten the supplier that IF YOU DONT LOWER COSTS WE WILL MOVE BUSINESS AWAY.