Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Wired: Activist Eric Jackson Restarts the Motorola Melee

From today's Wired blog by Terrence Russell:

Activist shareholder Eric Jackson is back on the attack--but Yahoo isn't the target this time. "There is little to be excited about with Motorola these days," laments activist shareholder Eric Jackson on his blog. He continues, "Since Ed Zander took over as the Chairman and CEO in early January 2004 through today, Motorola has returned 13.5% to its shareholders. Nokia, the #1 mobile handset maker in the world, has returned 37.8% over the time period."

Fresh off the heels of Yahoo's shareholder meeting (which precipitated Chief Executive Terry Semel's resignation), Jackson has already set his cross hairs on a new company, a new slate of executives, and on a new "Plan B." Some may remember that activist shareholder Carl Icahn made a similar run for a Motorola shakeup just this last May, but in comparison Jackson's efforts already seem much more credible, organized, and less self-interested. Check below for one of Jackson's trademark confessional-style YouTube clips explaining the ins and outs of Motorola's "Plan B."

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