Thursday, January 11, 2007

How Can I Get More Engaged with "Plan B"?

The response to our Yahoo! "Plan B" since Monday has been phenomenal. As of this morning, we have a group with a collective stake in Yahoo! worth $1.7MM. Plus, I've received notes from several observers with holdings in Yahoo! in the tens of thousands, who are watching what we're doing with keen interest and may join up later, depending on our progress.

Several people, who have already thrown their support behind our efforts with shareholding commitments, have emailed me to ask how they can be more involved. This has a "grassroots" feel to it. I suppose this is what happened when the blogging community rallied around Ned Lamont in Connecticut. We're really trying to harness the power of social groups in the business world for the benefit of Yahoo! shareholders.

Here are some possible ways to get more engaged:

1. Spread the word to fellow YHOO shareholders

2. Spread the word to the media

3. Spread the word to institutional investors in YHOO

4. Contribute to a new Flickr group, making mash-up photos of the next ideal YHOO CEO or other ideal management team members or directors at -- we can inject a little levity into a shareholder battle

5. Along the same lines as above, create a video montage about what we're doing and post on YouTube at . If you were inspired by Stephen Colbert's "Green Screen Challenge" last Fall, here's your chance to do the same on a Yahoo! theme. Can't wait to see what you come up with. Hopefully, the creative entries we get for this and on Flickr will help attract the attention of the mainstream media, so these two are not just kitschy.

6. Comment on the blog about the Plan B

7. Vote for the aspects of Plan B you agree with

If there are other ideas you have, please let us know.

Thanks again.

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