Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Polling the Yahoo! "Plan B"

We've had many new comments and suggested additions to "Plan B." I think a polling system will help us track the collective support for different ideas. I constructed the following 2 polls in Vizu. You can vote for all options if you like. However, Vizu limits me to 10 options per poll. Thanks for the great comments. If you have more suggested actions, send them in and we'll include in future polls.

Update: Jan. 12th -- As of this morning, our committed investors in Yahoo! have a collective ownership stake worth approximately $1.8MM -- and YHOO is up 5.27% since we began our activism at the start of the week.

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Anonymous said...

The technology folks at yahoo have been lapped by the googlelab So.....should we be talking CTO not CEO?

Unknown said...

Hi Anon: We've had another comment about the CTO. When I create a new poll of options, we'll include that. Thanks, Eric

Anonymous said...

Yahoo has dropped the ball. I support most of the 10 steps you have suggested and will commit my 300 shares. Yahoo management, listen to your shareholders and consider these suggestions.