Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Interpreting the Apple Bashboys

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- I own Apple (AAPL). I also write about Apple.

As you might imagine -- seeing as I own the stock -- when I write about Apple, I tend to be optimistic about its growth prospects.
Of course, I'd like to think I see the world through non-rose-colored glasses. In the last few months, I've written about why the monolithic iTunes product worries me and what I see as the 10 biggest mistakes that Apple's made in the last 15 years since Steve Jobs returned to the company.
I'm going to keep calling it like I see it and hopefully -- over time -- people will judge that I've done a pretty good job at assessing investment reality. If I'm wrong, my reputation will take a hit for being bullish about Apple.
I accept the fact that there are many Apple bears out there. They are welcome to put their views out there in the marketplace of ideas and let the public judge them over time.

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