Thursday, January 18, 2007

How Yahoo! Blew it

Of course, what everyone is discussing is that Yahoo! passed on the opportunity in 2002 to buy Google for $5B when their stock price was near its all-time low of $7. It was relatively soon after Terry Semel's hiring and would have required him to do a "merger of equals."
What I find more interesting is how this account differs from Terry's own account made to Ken Auletta and a soft-ball NY banking/media crowd from this past May where he claims Google wanted $3B and he offered $1B:

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Anonymous said...

I like the board you have going with current progress on shares committed. Add another 1000 shares to my total. I bought YHOO yesterday and sold Jan2008, 35 strike calls. So I will own those Extra YHOO shares until then and if the price is below 35.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence, David. Appreciate it!