Friday, October 05, 2007

1440 Wall Street: Yahoo Gets Free Advice

From 1440 Wall Street:

Sanford Bernstein is raising a ruckus in the shares of Yahoo! today, calling on management to break up or sell the company. They think the sum of the parts come to at least $39 a share.

And they are not the only folks agitating for change. Eric Jackson at Breakout Performance continues to harangue management, and wants anti-takeover provisions removed. That might be harder to do than getting rid of Terry Semel was.

But not all news is bad in Sunnyvale. is noting that while Google is the King of Search, Yahoo! might be the King of Fulfillment: As I noted a few weeks ago, Google gets about 2/3rds of the web search volume. So from this perspective Google appears to dominate and have the most successful search engine. If volume is an indication of effectiveness, one might be ready to crown Google the best search engine. However, if we look at the numbers from a “search fulfillment” perspective by engine we get a very different story.

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