Thursday, October 18, 2007

64% Say Motorola Needs to Make a Move at the Top

64% of the 103 respondents to a poll on Breakout Performance feel that it's time for Motorola to make a change at the top.

Viewers were simply asked: "What Does Motorola Need to Do Now?" Not all respondents were necessarily supporters of our "Plan B" Campaign for Change at Motorola.

Here are the results:

1. Remove CEO Ed Zander 64%
2. Add Exciting New Products 48%
3. Outline a Company Strategy 44%
4. Boost the Company Morale 41%
5. Recast the Board 28%

We didn't include the option which Carl Icahn referenced last Friday which is that the company might be more valuable to shareholders broken up than in its current state.

Motorola will announce its Q3 earnings next Thursday.

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