Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Breakout Performance Nominated for Best English Blog on The BOBs

Someone has nominated "Breakout Performance" for Best English Blog on the BOBs (Best of the Blogs).

We are currently running in 5th spot. Here's the info I've received on the competition:

I am pleased to announce that our users and jury members have nominated Breakout Performance as one of the best blogs in the world.

The Best of the Blogs Awards - The BOBs - is an annual blog competition sponsored by Deutsche Welle, Germany’s international broadcaster (think Germany's BBC). The BOBs consider sites from 10 different languages and is the biggest international blog competition in the world.

Your innovative use of the blog form to cover the business of the Internet has motivated our users and jury to nominate you for the Best Weblog English category.

I hope that you encourage your readers to vote for your innovative blog at thebobs.com.

Check out the rest of the nominations at www.thebobs.com.

If you wish to vote, here is the link to the site.

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S. Kumar, Learnhomebusiness.com said...


With the kind of cutting edge information that you doll out, is it a surprise?

Hope that you will go all the way to the top.

Business Credit Card Site said...

Congratulations! Best of luck.

Тоеч said...

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