Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Beat Goes on for Yahoo!

The response from the Street since Yahoo! pleasantly surprised with an upbeat quarter has been increasingly upbeat with each passing day.

The Microsoft investment in facebook make the Yahoo!'s valuation seem cheap by comparison. (Yahoo! actually surpassed Motorola in market cap a few days ago).

However, late afternoon trading in Yahoo! went stratospheric yesterday as investors considered its stake in Alibaba's upcoming IPO. Let's not forget who got Yahoo! into Alibaba in the first place a few years ago: Jerry Yang.

Sue Decker also looks prescient in buying $1 million in YHOO stock back in August near its low. Hopefully other execs and directors at the company will be emboldened to follow her lead.

It's great as a Yahoo! investor to follow this string of good news for a change. There is still lots of work to do, but congrats to the team.

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